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Baltimore -
The self-proclaimed Greatest City in America, the City That Reads, Charm City, Mobtown. It certainly has its own charm and this community is to share info on events, shows, and local news on Baltimore and surrounding areas.

PLEASE use LJ cuts.

1. Be civil and all that.
2. Please keep cross postings to a minimum. Please lj-cut them if they are longer than 3 lines roughly.
3. LJ cuts are nice for big entries, use them
4. Please keep personal entries in your own journals.
5. Please keep posts relevant to the community of Baltimore. Advertising events occuring in Baltimore is ok. Please LJ-cut weekly events and cross postings. Advertising for jobs and housing is ok as long as it is in Baltimore. Please do not advertise personal items. There are other venues for that (craigslist.org).
6. Please have fun, use good judgement, post pics (lj-cut), rant, tell us about cool events, and enjoy Baltimore!

I reserve the right to delete/edit posts that do not comply, however I hope to keep that to a minimum, so please follow the rules for courtesy of fellow members.

No more anonymous posts. LJ is free now. :)

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