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Black Friday Sideshow and Burlesque Variety Cavalcade

Black Friday Sideshow and Burlesque Variety Cavalcade

Friday, November 25, 
Doors 9:00pm
Show 10:00pm

The Red Palace
1210-1212 H Street NE
Washington, DC 20002

Only $10.00!

The Cheeky Monkey Sideshow and Valentine Candy Burlesque, with Special Guest Maureen Andary of The Sweater Set!

One nerdy guy, four talented and beautiful women.  Boobies!  Danger!  Music!  Comedy! No getting in line at 4am to fight over a barely-discounted XBox… WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?


Copy shops in Baltimore City?

When I lived in Towson, there was this awesome copy shop that had 9c double-sided copies on their self-serve machines. This is at least half as cheap as Staples or Kinko's and the machines were pretty good. Is there anyplace that's as cheap (or close to it) in the city, or am I going to have to take a road trip? Self-serve preferred, but not mandatory.

Thanks in advance!

Photo Stores

Hi All,

My photo store closed and I am located in Severna Park. I have heard there is a place up on Falls Road in Baltimore that a lot of people who are into photography go to. I am looking for a place to take some photos that I took and have them professionally developed. These photos are going to be framed and sent as a Christmas present. I will be doing the framing myself but I want the pictures developed. I am also looking for a place that will help me pick out the next lense I want for my digital SLR camera and provide a few accessories that I have been looking to get for a while now but I can't get. Yes I am aware of the online places but I want something where I can actually talk to a person as well as get the picture developed and then turn around and say I would like it in a larger format if it comes out good at the first size. I miss Severna Park Photo, I have gotten all my cameras from them as well as had a lot of help in picking out which photos as well as matting for my photography.

Wlling to go as far north as Towson, as far west as Columbia, as far south as Edgewater (AA County). If someone knows of a place nearer to DC I would be willing to listen but I'd prefer to stay within the confines as I am going to want to grow a relationship with them to help support my budding job.
i don't know! leave me alone!

Thrift stores in Hampden/Roland Park?

Are there any thrift stores or Goodwill-type places in Hampden or Roland Park that take donations? I rode by the Salvation Army on Roland but it looks to be just a church, not a store. I only have two garbage bags to get rid of so it's not enough to call a truck, but I don't have a car, and would rather not take them on a bus. I've seen those donation garbage cans around but they say only "clothes and shoes" and this is mostly knickknack-type stuff, and hangers. It's not really a lot but it's still cluttering up my kitchen.

i don't know! leave me alone!

Wi fi hotspots, Hampden

Are there any wi fi spots in Hampden? The closer to the Avenue the better. My husband and I are looking for somewhere to write on hot afternoons, and would rather not have to drive. Hampden's lack of chains is generally quite refreshing, except that it seems like only chain stores offer free Internet for customers. Thanks in advance!
i don't know! leave me alone!

Moving "sale," come get our stuff!

Hey everyone, we're moving from Towson to Hampden, and have some furniture that won't fit in the new place. Free to anyone who wants it! What I have:

1. Oak dresser with mirror, ten drawers. Very sturdy. Just friggin' heavy and big.

2. Model train platform, 8' x 3'. Could use it for other stuff too, probably.

You'll need a truck for both these items. If you are interested or need pictures, just email me at blacklightdiner at gmail dot com. Thanks!

Stuff taken! Thanks anyway!

hey baltimore!

im interested in setting up a booth at a flea market or craft fair of some sort but am having trouble finding any that are in baltimore city/county & take place on a sunday. any ideas? my table budget is about $10-20, thanks in advance! :)

Looking for Great Sushi in Baltimore

interwebs! i need help. i am seeking great sushi in and around baltimore. anywhere between towson and white marsh or in baltimore itself. i have a friend coming to town and he wants to hit up some decent sushi. we will most likey be arriving where ever we go around 8pm or so.