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Roller Derby Referees Wanted!

The Charm City Roller Girls, Baltimore's only all-female flat track roller derby league, are looking for a few good people to join their Infallible Referee Squadron.

If you have the following...

+ quick reactions
+ infinite patience
+ a willingness to obsessively memorize and debate arcane rules
+ a high tolerance for verbal abuse in public
+ confidence without arrogance
+ a fondness for awesome people who kick ass

... then contact head referee Justice Feelgood Marshall: justice ~at~ charmcityrollergirls ~dot~ com. (That's me!)

Good roller skating skills are helpful as well. We'll be training newbies during the upcoming offseason, but you should at least be able to skate in circles without falling down, and be able to stop under your power.

Referees are unpaid, but the perks are many and varied.
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